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Christmas is a season of twinkling lights, carols, meaningful time with friends and family, tacky sweaters, and so many other traditions.  It’s also a season of expectation as we remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus.  This little baby, born in a Bethlehem manger, is the very middle of a much larger story that began before the foundation of time, was prophesied throughout history, and will culminate with His second coming. Come join us as we explore the unexpected nature in which Jesus came to rescue and redeem man as Emmanuel, God with us - the Unexpected King!

Romans part 2

Righteousness. Justification. Salvation. Wrath. Sanctification. Faith. Judgment. Reconciliation. Gospel.

Discipline and Delight

The word “discipline” carries with it a variety of connotations, many negative. But the beauty of these “‘Spiritual Disciplines” is that they are actually meant to position us in the path of God pouring out His grace on us as He grows us towards Christ-likeness.

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