Sermon on the Mount

The Sermon on the Mount contains some of the most familiar passages in all the Bible - the Lord's Prayer, Salt and Light, the Beatitudes, and more. If we are not careful, we can make Jesus’s longest recorded message about a checklist of things to do.  We can make it all about behavior modification instead of a transformed heart that is completely dependent on Him.  Jesus calls us to a way of living that only He can develop in us.  He calls us to standard that we cannot maintain in our own power and then shows us that in Him we can! Join us for this series where we’ll see a challenging, yet practical call to follow Jesus in our everyday lives.


  • Week 7: Matthew 7:1-5

    by Jack Blankenship

  • Week 6: Matthew 6:19-24

    by David Bennett

  • Week 5: Matthew 5:3-12

    by Suresh Sammangi

  • Week 4: Matthew 6:5-13

    by Andrew Stubbs

  • Week 3: Matthew 5:13-16

    by Dan Johnston

  • Week 2: Matthew 7:13-27

    by Preston Smith

  • Week 1: Matthew 6:25-34

    by Matthew Cavin