#CityServe17 is Here

Dear NRHC Family,

CityServe 2017 is here! Over the next few days, 250 people from our faith family will be scattered throughout the city sharing Jesus through practical acts of service. This is a big weekend in the life of our church! Whether you're participating this weekend or are unable to serve this year, it's important that you know why we do CityServe and some of the goals for this weekend. 

If we're going to be a people who live on mission with Jesus and make disciples, it's going to happen as we take the Gospel out from 2562 Mt. Gallant Rd. and share Jesus with those who are not in relationship with Christ, not connected to a local church, and are unlikely to attend a Sunday worship service. Here are two goals to be thinking about as you prepare for this weekend:

  1. When you're out on your projects this weekend, you will likely be working alongside others from NRHC you may not know. I would encourage you to take some time to get to know some new faces and build community with others from our faith family. 
  2. It's also important to understand that the ultimate goal is not to complete the task you've been assigned. Those you're serving may be present as you work. Slow down and take time for conversation with them. Ask questions and get to know their story. If they ask, explain the why behind your work. Building relationships and just letting them know you care about them is a HUGE WIN! 

We're incredibly encouraged by the level of engagement heading into CityServe, and I just want to say thank you to everyone who is participating this weekend. We can't wait to see you at the various projects this weekend!

One Life at a Time,