Intentional Relationships

Dear NRHC Family,

We have heard some great stories coming out of Easter this past weekend, including people wrestling with the Gospel and asking questions about what it means to follow Christ. This is incredibly encouraging and undoubtedly a reason for us to celebrate as a church! Some other things to celebrate from Easter weekend: we can be sure that every person who walked through our doors clearly heard the Gospel communicated, Thomas Rose did a fantastic job leading worship in Ross' place as the Armstrongs adjust to their family's newest addition (if you haven't already, be sure to congratulate Ross and Jaimie on baby Bowman, who was born on April 8th!), and we had donuts! I wanted to briefly share a few important takeaways with you:

  1. Thank you to the 165 volunteers that helped make Easter weekend a huge success-- we literally could not have done it without you! Whether you greeted guests with a warm smile, played games and shared the gospel with kids, worked a soundboard, prayed over the chairs in the auditorium, or played the drums-- it was an absolute team effort and each of you made a difference. It was wonderful to see the church in motion, so many people owning the mission of NRHC and selflessly serving others. 
  2. We saw a 65% increase in attendance from a typical Sunday-- yes, 65%! The most encouraging part of that statistic is that many of those 65% are direct invites from you. All of us, not just a select few, are called to live on mission in every aspect of our lives: family, work, neighbors, hobbies, etc. It is obvious that this is happening-- you are building relationships with people who are far from Christ and aren't connected to a local church...and it's working! 
  3. I want to encourage each of us to take the next step in those intentional relationships we are building. Whether someone accepted your invitation to attend an Easter service or not (or maybe you didn't even ask), let's not stop there. Maybe you can invite that person to join you for City Serve coming up next weekend. Maybe you should invite them to exercise or to go to lunch to talk about their experience at NRHC. Or maybe you can ask them to study a book of the Bible with you. There are so many different ways to continue to engage these relationships and make disciples. 

It is a privilege for me to be a part of this faith family and to be on mission with you. Let's go!

One Life at a Time,