Richness of These Days

Dear NRHC Family,

As Christ followers, the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus should be at the center of our hearts and minds every day. There is not a day, or a moment, when the Gospel is more or less relevant-- it is always life-giving, life-changing, and life-defining. However, as we come to Good Friday and Easter weekend, I want to call each of us to specifically slow down, prepare our hearts, and remember. Take some time to read John 18-21 (or one of the other Gospel narratives) and reflect on Jesus’ brutal death on the cross and the powerful account of the resurrection. Be reminded of our desperate need for a savior and God’s extravagant pursuit of us.

Let us not forget the ultimate sacrifice He made for us, the incredible physical and emotional pain He endured, and the conquering victory He won in rising from the dead. There is no way for us to be made right with God apart from what Jesus has done on our behalf. My hope is that, as a result, each of us will wholeheartedly and passionately worship Jesus in a special way over the coming days-- that we’ll take the time to seek Him in the Bible and through prayer, that we’ll talk about it amongst our family, that we’ll celebrate together as a faith family, and that we’ll share this good news with others. I’m praying that we don’t miss the richness of these days and that Christ is lifted high in our hearts and our lives.

I can’t wait to worship our risen king, Jesus, with all of you and your guests this Easter weekend!

One Life at a Time,