God is already at work

Dear NRHC Family,

This past Sunday we wrapped up part one of our study on the book of Romans. If you've missed any of the sermons from chapters 1-7, you can find them all here. Our goal in this series has been that our faith family would better understand the Gospel, have the ability to clearly articulate the Gospel, and that we would better live out the Gospel in our daily lives. As a means of review, set aside some time and try the following:

  1. How are you going to answer when someone asks you the question, "What is the Gospel?" Based on what you know from Scripture, write down your answer to that question on a piece of paper. Review it to make sure that it is clear, concise, and accurate.

    If you're having trouble with this or you're just interested in how you can be more effective at answering that question, there are tons of great resources out there to help with this. I highly recommend the book (it's very short!), What is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert. This book presents a systematic way to easily explain the Gospel to anyone.
  2. Remember, opportunities to share the Gospel generally come in the context of conversations. Therefore, take some time to practice speaking your answer to "What is the Gospel?" It's one thing to be able to write it, but another thing to be able to share it verbally with others. We should absolutely be able to explain the general framework of the Gospel at any given moment. However, don't put pressure on yourself to say everything perfectly—if you've been given the opportunity to articulate the Gospel, I can assure you that God is already at work in that situation or person.
  3. The Gospel is not just something that we understand and articulate, but we are called to live in response to the Gospel everyday. Jesus changes us—in the moment of salvation, but also continually through the process of sanctification. Looking back over the past 12 weeks in this series, how has Christ changed you? Where do you see God at work in your life right now? If you don't know the answer to that question, I would encourage you to do two things. First, simply pray that God would open your eyes to the work He wants to do in you. Secondly, ensure that you are spending time reading and studying the Bible. The Bible is literally God's Word to us so we must dig in and be desperate to hear from Him.
  4. The Gospel changes everything and it is at the center of everything we do and are as a faith family. I hope that this series has been beneficial to you and your family, and that the powerful words in Romans will continue to impact you for the rest of your life.

    One Life at a Time,