Dream Center Church

Dear NRHC Family,

Many of you know Paul and Barbara Crosby, who have been committed partners and leaders at NRHC for many years. Paul has been the Executive Director of the Dream Center here in Rock Hill since 2011. Over the past few years, God has placed it on Paul's heart to plant a church in the neighborhoods that the Dream Center has already been serving for many years. Over the past year, Paul has begun assembling a launch team, specifically among those who are already heavily investing in the ministry of the Dream Center, and they have begun meeting on Sunday mornings for worship and community outreach.

NRHC's relationship with the Dream Center is one of Gospel partnership. Our vision as a church is to see our world changed by the Gospel, one life at a time. This is bigger than NRHC and we need to come alongside other Gospel-centered churches to reach more people. This partnership with DCC will be similar to our Boston church partners. We will pray fervently for their leadership and ministry, we will give financially as God leads, and we will send teams to serve alongside them as they join us in wanting every man, woman, and child in York County to have repeated opportunities to see, hear, and respond to the Gospel.

You will hear more about the Dream Center Church as we move forward in this partnership. We're thankful that God is providing another Gospel-centered church in our area to reach more people. Please be praying for Paul and Barbara, their leadership team, and the people they are desperately trying to share the Gospel with on a daily basis.

One Life at a Time,