Life on Mission

Dear NRHC Family,

Greetings from Orlando, FL! A group of 20 people from our faith family is here this week for the SEND Conference 2017. "The drive of this conference is to see a movement of people from within the church living out the mission of God. We believe the mission is not for a select few. It is for students, business people, soccer moms, church planters, grandmothers, lawyers, pastors, baristas, contractors—it is for the entirety of the church. The movement of God’s mission sweeps across everyday, ordinary lives." 

The purpose of this conference matches up so well with our vision as a church: we exist to see our world changed by the Gospel, one life at a time. And God graciously uses us to help accomplish this vision as we live on mission with Him every single day. As you seek to do this in your everyday life, I just want to remind you of what it looks like to live on mission:

  1. Continually transformed heart. Life on mission begins in the overflow of a changed heart. If God is not working in us, we can't expect Him to work through us. Therefore, we are utterly dependent on God through His Word and constant prayer. The habits and discipline of our lives show that this is a priority for us. 
  2. Relational nature. Disciple making happens best in the context of relationships. And if we're going to make disciples, we have to be intentional about the investing in the relationships with people we rub shoulders with every day. This includes our family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and more. 
  3. Gospel-worldview. There is nothing in your life or in this world that God is not intricately involved in and sovereign over. 1 Corinthians 10:31 tells us that everything we do can and should be done as worship and to the glory of God, even what we consider the most mundane tasks.  

Life on Mission is the heartbeat of our faith family. Can you imagine if every single person who calls NRHC home had a continually transformed heart, a relational nature, and a Gospel worldview? If we want to see our world changed by the Gospel one life at a time, we must each do our part. Our continued prayer is that we would see more lives changed by the Gospel and more people living on mission every day. 

One Life at a Time,