One Hundred Volunteers

Dear NRHC Family,

It takes 100+ volunteers to make NRHC’s ministries happen each week. This includes guest services, ushers, kids and student environments, band and tech teams, and many others throughout the week. We literally could not do what we do as a church without volunteers! Thank you to all of you who selflessly give of your time each week or maybe just once a month—I can tell you that it makes a huge difference!  Serving at NRHC is much, much bigger than performing a task. We are creating environments for children and adults to worship God without distraction, grow in their relationship with Christ, and we're also providing opportunities for people to hear, see, and respond to the Gospel. An added bonus is that we, ourselves, grow in the process of giving of our time and energy for God's purposes! 

Recently, we had some of our volunteers share their experiences with serving at NRHC and I wanted to share just a sample of their responses with you:

Q: Why did you start serving?

"Two reasons, really: to be an example to my girls. When we started, it was my 14 year old who wanted to volunteer, so we all started serving so she could work with the 2 year-olds. She initiated it, and she was right. I also want to share in the work that the church is doing. I don't just want to sit and listen to sermons."

"I started serving because I saw people teaching my children so I could go to service and thought I should do the same for others. I wanted to get involved and I wanted to get more connected."

Q: How have you grown as a result of serving?

"I've learned that I can commit at a higher level than I thought and be successful with that promise of showing up to serve. I've also learned some very catchy songs and dance moves!"

"God has been stretching and prompting me to move away from my comfort zones so I will lean on Him to equip me in areas outside of my natural strengths and talents. I am learning that my devotion to Christ, FIRST and FOREMOST, will continually bear fruit that is expressed in service, evangelism, and discipleship."

Q: What advice would you share with someone hesitant to serve at NRHC?

"Just start somewhere and go for it. God designed us all with different abilities and He wants to use them to better His church. Try serving in one area and, if it doesn't work, try serving somewhere else. There are lots of options of time commitments and roles to play. Serving in the church is definitely worth it!"

"Pick something really small. Just try it for a little while. Every little bit helps, so don't think you have to commit to every Sunday for the rest of your life right away. Just do a little bit and know that it matters. Consider being the person that hands out welcome cards—I love those people! Somebody has to refill the pens on the backs of the chairs, right?"

You'll hear more from our awesome volunteers in the coming weeks. If you'd like to learn more about serving at NRHC, please visit If you're interested in serving in a particular area or just want more information on a specific ministry, you can do that directly from that webpage. We will also have cards in the chair backs over the next three weeks where you can indicate interest or a desire to speak to someone further about serving opportunities. 

If you aren't currently serving, we'd love for you to take a next step by indicating interest in one of the above ways—and you can do that just by learning more without having to commit on the spot!

One Life at a Time,