Meaningfully Engaging

Dear NRHC Family,

The Christian life is one of continual growth in Christlikeness-- if we have breath in our lungs, God is still working in and through us. There is always a next step for us to take in order to draw deeper in personal relationship with Christ. There are also next steps for each of us to take in connecting and meaningfully engaging with the body of Christ, the local church. The local church is God's "Plan A" for advancing His mission in this world. 

Below are some next step opportunities that I want to encourage you to consider:

  • 1. Connect. If you've never been to Connect, no matter how long you've been attending NRHC-- it's your next step. At Connect, you'll learn more about NRHC and find out ways to get connected with our faith family. You can sign up for the September 3 or October 1 Connect class here.
  • 2. Salvation. We never want to assume that everyone who attends church is a Christ- follower. In fact, we're glad that many non-believers join us each Sunday for worship. If you haven't responded to the Gospel, I want to encourage you to take that step. If you'd like to talk to someone about that or just have questions you're wrestling with, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via this form or in person on a Sunday morning. We'd love to have these conversations with you. 
  • 3. Baptism Class. If you are a follower of Jesus, but have not been baptized, Baptism Class is the next step for you. Here, you'll be able to lean more about what baptism is, why we are called to be baptized, and ask any questions you may have related to baptism at NRHC. If you know you're ready for baptism or you just want to learn more, Baptism class is coming up on August 27 and you can sign up here.

Our vision as a church is to see our world changed by the Gospel, one life at a time. Each of us has a part to play in God's mission and in His church. If you haven't taken the above steps, I want to encourage you to prayerfully consider how the Lord is leading you in these areas. Next week, I'll outline some additional next step opportunities coming up in September.

One Life at a Time,