Everyday Application

Dear NRHC Family,

I hope you've been challenged to rethink the "why" behind spiritual disciplines and possibly even reshape your commitment to one or more spiritual disciplines as a result of our Discipline and Delight teaching series. If you missed any of those sermons, you can always go back and watch them online here.

Earlier this year, we walked through part 1 of our teaching series on the book of Romans. This weekend, we're excited to jump back into part 2 as we continue our journey. Paul's letter to the Romans is saturated with the framework and implications of the gospel. Our goal throughout this series continues to be that our faith family would better understand the gospel, have the ability to clearly articulate the gospel, and that we would better live out the gospel in our daily lives. 

That goal is so closely linked to our vision as a church - we exist to see our world changed by the gospel one life at a time. Those aren't just empty, meaningless words. Please join me in praying that God would do a mighty work through this series and that He would use it to draw people closer to Himself. 

One Life at a Time,