Dear NRHC Family,

All of us lead incredibly busy lives with work, family, hobbies, and more. However, as followers of Christ we understand that our lives are not our own--they belong to King Jesus. Therefore we have to intentionally refocus our hearts and minds on Him and His will in all of our life. Often times, we'll get distracted, confused, or fall into sin, but the good news of the Bible is that God works in the midst of our messiness. And so we keep coming back to Him; we acknowledge our great dependence on Him; and ask Him to do what only He can do in our lives. This is true for us individually, but it is also true of us as a church. I want to challenge each of you to commit to praying for our faith family at least once a week, and I want to give you three specific ways that you can be praying over the coming months.

  1. We want to see more people come to faith in Jesus Christ. This isn't something we can do in our own effort, so we must plead with the Holy Spirit to move mightily in the hearts of our people and for Jesus to call men, women, and children to Himself. 
  2. Continue to pray as we take next steps in this transition season. Pray that God would give the Transition Team and Advisory Team wisdom in the process. Pray for the future Lead Pastor of NRHC and his family as God clearly calls them to this faith family. Pray that God would continue to use this transition season as a season of great ministry and not simply a waiting period. 
  3. Pray for our D-groups. This includes kids, students, and adults as these groups are our primary disciple-making ministry here at NRHC. Pray for healthy groups of community where members are encouraging and challenging one another in their walk with Christ. Pray that those who aren't connected in a group would consider taking that step. Pray for more Godly leaders to rise up to start more groups. 

There are countless other ways for you to pray for our faith family, but hopefully that gives you a good start as you try to make praying for NRHC a weekly discipline. Ultimately, Jesus is the head of this church, and we simply want to continue to seek Him and submit this community of believers to Him. I don't know of a better way to do that than purposeful and persistent prayer.

One Life at a Time,