NRHC Advisory Team

Dear NRHC Family,

As you may know, the NRHC Advisory Team is a group of men composed of staff and lay members who provide spiritual and financial leadership, accountability, and care to our faith family. Each year, the current Advisory Team nominates new members and, our partners have an opportunity to vote on their selection.

The current Advisory Team after much prayer and consideration is recommending the addition of Brock Bowman to the team. Brock and the entire Bowman family have been active leaders at North Rock Hill Church for several years. We firmly believe that Brock meets the Biblical qualifications of an Elder outlined in 1 Timothy 3 and that he embodies the mission and vision of our faith family. He has a proven gospel foundation and leads a family that is actively engaged in the ministry and life of NRHC. Brock has a reputation of excellent character and has exhibited the ability to care for and teach others through D-group leadership.

As an Advisory Team, we had Brock complete an extensive questionnaire; we interviewed him; and we reached out to references outside of the church. The next few weeks are your opportunity to provide feedback if there is any reason why you feel that Brock is not qualified to serve in this leadership position. If you have any such feedback or any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to moc.lliHkcoRhtroN@maeTyrosivdA over the next three weeks. On December 3rd, Partners will vote on his selection.

One Life at a Time,