Christmas Give 2017

Goal: $20,000 + Books for Belleview

Christmas Give 2017

We exist to see our world changed by the gospel one life at a time. We work diligently to create a budget that is fiscally responsible and that positions us to carry out our mission effectively. This includes shepherding our own faith family, serving our community, and sending people and resources to make disciples locally and globally.

Each year there are opportunities that present themselves that go beyond our normal day-to-day budget. Examples of these include:

  • Counseling needs of those in our faith family
  • EQUIP classes and conferences
  • Mission trip assistance
  • Our Benevolence Fund that assists community residents experiencing financial hardship
  • Specific needs that arise among our local outreach partners or church planting partnerships

While we cannot say “yes” to all of these, we do strive to have additional resources set aside for times when we can meaningfully leverage them to equip, serve, and bless others in the name of Jesus.

Here are some of the opportunities we were able to say “yes” to this year:

  • More than 50 couples invested a weekend to seek what God has planned for their marriages during our Marriage Conference.
  • We were able to provide assistance with counseling and benevolence needs to more than 35 families.
  • We were able to assist three mission teams as they traveled to Boston labor beside our Church Partners there.
  • More than 75 people dug deep into the Word to discover the biblical foundation and practice of prayer at our EQUIP Prayer Seminar.
  • Our Stop Hunger Now event helped provide food for thousands.
  • We were able to bless our Boston church Partner, South Coast, with some much needed equipment as they prepare to move into a new facility.

These are just a few of the ways that last year’s Christmas Give has fueled additional ministry in 2017.

As we prepare for 2018, there are two specific ways that you can participate in this year’s Christmas Give and help put our faith family in a position to have more gospel impact in 2018:

  1. Give Financially. Our financial goal for the 2017 Christmas Give is $20,000. This year’s Christmas Give donations will be set aside for ministry opportunities over the coming year, similar to those listed above.

    If you’d like to participate, you can do so via the Christmas Give envelopes provided or, as always, right here online. You can participate in the Christmas Give anytime throughout the month of December.
  2. Give Tangibly. Our relationship with Belleview Elementary, a local outreach partner, has grown exponentially over the past year through our teacher luncheons and Reading Buddy program. As we continue to push this partnership forward, we want to go above and beyond by giving a book to every student at Belleview going into Christmas break. You can learn more details by visiting the Christmas tree in the lobby and taking home an ornament with detailed instructions.

Because of our faith family’s consistent generosity throughout the year, we’re blessed to be in a position to be able to dream, think, and plan ahead. Our prayer is that this year’s Christmas Give will impact many for the sake of the Gospel. We are thankful to partner alongside you to make this happen. Thank you for your generosity, Church!

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