Single Candidate

Dear Faith Family,

As I mentioned Sunday, I am excited to announce that the Advisory Team has selected a single candidate to present to our partners for the Lead Pastor position.  All along the way, the desire from the Transition Team and Advisory Team has been to find the man that God has for NRHC.  So, though this process involved extensive vetting from a practical standpoint, both teams sought the Lord’s guidance through prayer and fasting as a primary means of decision making.

I want to provide some clarity on the next steps in the candidate hiring process so that you are all aware of what is happening, when, and who will be involved. 

January 18: The candidate will meet with the staff followed by D-Group leaders and ministry team leaders. These groups will then vote on whether to affirm him as a candidate for Lead Pastor. 

January 19: The results of the vote will be announced via the Enews.  If affirmed, the candidate’s name will be released. 

January 21: If affirmed on the 18th, the candidate will preach in view of a call in our morning services, immediately followed by a vote. According to the church bylaws, only NRHC partners will be permitted to vote. A two-thirds affirmative vote is required for the candidate to become the next Lead Pastor of NRHC.

The biggest thing ahead for us is to seek God through prayer.  Like we have said all along, Christ is the head of the church.  Though hiring a Lead Pastor will be extremely helpful in pursuing our mission as a faith family, our trust and hope is in God and God alone.  So even in the midst of seasons of change, we rest in the One who never changes.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know.  It is a privilege and honor to pursue Christ along-side you.

One Life at a Time,
Matthew Cavin

P.S. Earlier today we sent an email to our partners.  If you did not receive that email it is an indication that we do not have you listed as an NRHC partner.  If you are unsure if you are a partner, contact moc.llihkcorhtron@ofni.