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You’ve heard the stories before - the forbidden fruit, the talking snake, a catastrophic flood, promises of a great nation, a coat of many colors…

You Have ONE Job

My daughter went to prom recently.  During the weeks leading up to prom, there were signs all over the school advertising the sale of Prom Tickets and announcing the theme of this year’s event. One sign proudly read, “Ticets on sale” and then at the bottom, "Redeem at Interance”.  My reaction to these sorts of this is always, “Come on; you had ONE JOB!”

Before All Things

When you ask little kids what they learned at church or who was the Bible story about or why Paul went to Athens, most all will respond “Jesus!”

Romans Part 3

Righteousness. Justification. Salvation. Wrath. Sanctification. Faith. Judgment. Reconciliation. Gospel.

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