How does a group accomplish a common goal? Well, they must know where they are going - a direction must be set. They have to figure out how they’ll know if there headed the right way - how to measure progress must be spelled out. In short, the group must be willing to come together and FOCUS on what is important.

For NRHC, our task is to be about the work of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16- 20). There is no task more important! Our unique expression of the Great Commission is what has to drive our efforts as a church. We exist to see our world changed by the gospel one life at a time. How will we live that out?  How will we know if we are making progress?  How will we strategize and prioritize?

To answer any of those questions, we have to FOCUS! Join us for a new series as we look at the unique context and opportunity North Rock Hill has to equip, mobilize and multiply disciples.


  • Week 4: Gospel-Centered Mission

    by Chad Merrell

  • Week 3: Gospel-Centered Community

    by Matthew Cavin

  • Week 2: Gospel-Centered Worship

    by Chad Merrell

  • Week 1: Gospel-Centered Local Church

    by Chad Merrell