You’ve heard the stories before - the forbidden fruit, the talking snake, a catastrophic flood, promises of a great nation, a coat of many colors. Adam, Eve, Noah, Abraham, Joseph – these are names that are easily associated with the stories you’ve heard from childhood. But these stories aren’t just individual accounts isolated from each other; they are all part of the ONE story of God’s grand redemptive plan. Join us through the summer as we walk through the stories you thought you knew and discover how they work together to point to The Story of the Bible.


  • Week 8: Progress for Redemption

    by Matthew Cavin

  • Week 7: Persevere in God’s Plan

    by Preston Smith

  • Week 6: Abraham’s “Yes”

    by Cody Baxter

  • Week 5: God’s Covenant with His People

    by Chad Merrell

  • Week 4: Chapters 10-11

    by Jack Blankenship

  • Week 3: The Flood

    by Dave Bremner

  • Week 2: What’s Wrong with Us?

    by Chad Merrell

  • Week 1: Creation

    by Matthew Cavin