1 Timothy

When I was a kid, some friends and I had a dream of building the “best treehouse ever”.  We had all the supplies we needed.  We had raided construction site dumpsters and our fathers’ garages for weeks.  We had the lumber, the tools, and a great idea.  For weeks we climbed into that set of 5 trees and built and tested and added more!  We literally left blood, sweat and tears in those trees along with a lot of bent nails and a treehouse that made us proud.


Only, it didn’t look like we thought it would.  It was sturdy.  We thought it was cool. But when we showed our parents and other friends, they just didn’t seem to appreciate it like we did.  Truth is, we had each been so passionate about our own parts of it, that it really didn’t come together in a way that looked that there had been a plan.  Some of the floors were slanted.  There were a few places where the roof didn’t come together exactly right.   It looked like just what it was, a tree house built by a bunch of kids with a great idea, but no real plan.  We had a ton of fun in that treehouse.  Now, 35 years later, I still have a little pride when I drive back behind my parents’ house and there are still parts of it in the tree that have survived all those years.  I can’t help but wonder though. With all that work, all those supplies, all that passion, how great would that treehouse have been, if we had a blueprint.  It would have been so much better if we had been working together to channel all our efforts in the same direction.


When it comes to building and developing the local church, the same is true.  We need a blueprint; we need a plan. Thankfully, Apostle Paul laid out a vision for the local church in his letter to Timothy.


I Timothy is a very practical book. It serves as a blueprint to giving instructions on right belief, elders, the working of the church, and more.  Join us as we dive into what Paul has to say about building a strong local body of believers.


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