Sermon Series

God’s Design for Marriage

God designed marriage for us to experience and display the Gospel. In this teaching series, we’ll discuss the foundation of marriage according to God’s design as well as practical ways to have a healthier, Christ-centered marriage. Join us as we explore marriage from a Biblical perspective.


an•tic•i•pa•tion /an tise' paSH(e)n/ noun: a feeling of excitement about something that is going to happen; the act of preparing for something

Life On Mission

North Rock Hill Church exists to see our world changed by the Gospel, one life at a time. But how do we actually do that? If we want to see lives changed by the Gospel, we must all do our part. In this practical series, we identify and discuss three key practices of a life on mission: a continually transformed heart, a relational nature, and a Gospel worldview.


Life is not easy. Daily we face pain, betrayal, strained relationships, disappointment…the list goes on and on. Circumstances can easily overwhelm us and leave us worried, frightened, angry…anything but joyful.  Yet, God’s word exhorts us to “Rejoice in the Lord”.  How is that possible?

Holy Spirit

We are well acquainted with God the Father.  And, God the Son, Jesus, we know His story and impact backwards and forwards. But what about the third member of the Trinity?

One Another

The New Testament is full of “One Another’s” - commands and exhortations instructing the church on how to love and care for each other.


The book of James gives us very practical and pointed instructions about living the Christian life. James makes it clear that salvation doesn’t come through good works, but that true faith produces good works.

No Other Name

Throughout history, religious leaders and religious movements have come and gone. What separates Jesus from all the others?

Truth & Grace

As the culture changes all around us, the debates get louder and confusion runs deeper. The tension is almost tangible as people pick sides on issues like sexuality, politics, world religions, and the sanctity of human life. Many of us are left asking, "How do we respond?"