Sermon Series


Freedom. We love our freedom. We fight to get it. We defend it at all cost.


Every man, woman, and child - that’s a big vision. Making disciples to change the world - that’s a big mission. How do we accomplish it? How do we know we’re on track? Join us for this vision casting series as we come together to GO with boldness, courage, and passion in the coming church year.

Life Apps

There are thousands of phone apps available for download. These apps can help you wake up, know where you're going, keep up with your task list, count your calories, and log your exercise time.


Join us as we discover and apply the foundational principles of a healthy church that Jesus uses to change the world.


Christmas overflows with anxious anticipation. Children can’t wait to see what’s under the tree. Families and friends look forward to special meals together.

Be Rich

In our culture, most people are striving for more. Is there more to life than chasing the elusive goal of more?