A Call to Prayer

Dear NRHC Family,

As I mentioned last week, we are so excited to announce Chad Merrell as our new Lead Pastor. Though this has been a long process, I know that God has been leading and guiding us all along the way. He has been so faithful to NRHC in the last 20 months, and that should come as no surprise. That’s part His character: He is faithful. Always. Without hesitation or wavering. And so as we look forward to the great days of ministry and mission ahead for our faith family, let’s not forget to celebrate God leading us to the man He desired to be our Lead Pastor. Let’s not forget to praise God for sustaining this local church body during a difficult season. Let’s not forget to give glory to the One who gave strengthened us in moments of weakness. Let’s always remember that all of this is “from Him, and through Him, and to Him” (Romans 11:35). All praise belongs to Him!

And as we, as a faith family, have been in a season of transition, the Merrell’s now enter into a similar season. Chad will begin here at NRHC in March, but his family is going to stay in Louisiana to finish out the school year. I think it’s important that we cover their next few months in prayer. Here are some ways that we can pray for them:

  • Pray for the difficult conversations in these early days as they share this bittersweet news with the people they have invested their lives in.
  • Pray for First West (Chad’s current church) to remain healthy and stable during this time of transitioning his leadership responsibilities.
  • Pray for Chad to finish well at First West as his mind and heart are already transitioning to be here at NRHC.
  • Pray for the Merrell’s house to sell in the right timing.
  • Pray for temporary housing for Chad here in Rock Hill until his family joins him.
  • Pray for Maddie (17) and Kendall (16) as they finish their junior and sophomore years in high school. Pray for the difficulty of this transition for them.
  • Pray for Tanisha as she prepares for a challenging few months without Chad’s physical presence with the family.
  • Pray for all of the Merrell’s to grow deeper in their walk with the Lord as they are pushed into greater dependence on Him.

I love that we call ourselves a faith family at NRHC. As a family, we seek to support, protect, and encourage our brothers and sisters. Though many of us don’t really know the Merrell’s quite yet, they are now part of our family. Let’s make sure to love them well in these next few months. One of the best ways for us to do that is to constantly go before the One who has all power and authority and wisdom and divine sovereignty. Join me in praying for the Merrell’s.

One Life at a Time,