Biblical Community

Dear Faith Family,

Soon after I graduated college I found myself living in a bachelor pad with a bunch of guys. We were all trying to figure out what to do with our lives. Oh, some of the stories that came out of those days! We all had varying experiences with Christianity and many of the guys were sorting through what type of involvement they were going to have with the local church. A lot of the conversation in those days revolved around ways that the church had failed them or let them down. I remember one particular night when the tone of that conversation turned from the “problems” with the church to how we could be part of the “solution”. It was kind of first moment for us in our immense immaturity of realizing that the church is not something we just take from, but something we give to.

I share this because I think we often view biblical community in the church the same way. Even in the way that we advertise getting connected in community, we often highlight what you can get from it. But this is not how God designed biblical community. The community of God is one that thrives when God’s people all seek to give to one another (and in turn, receive immensely!)

When examining the “one another” passages in Scripture, there is an endless call to the ways in which we can actively engage one another for each other’s growth. We often use the phrase here at NRHC, “God gives us one another to make us more like Him.” This statement only comes to fruition when we view community as something that we proactively engage instead of something we only seek to take from.

And so, as we encourage you to participate in D-groups here at North Rock Hill, we definitely know that God will use it to grow you into greater maturity in Him. But more than that, He has a plan to use you in the lives of others here. And though you might feel like you don’t have much to offer, you have no idea the impact that God can have on someone’s life through simple availability to His plan. On February 11 there is an event called Group Link which is designed to help you get connected to a D-group. It’s an opportunity for you to learn more about what our groups are about and to see if there is a group that fits your schedule. We highly encourage you to take steps of connecting to a D-group and look forward to hearing stories of how God used you to help someone else grow to be more like Him! Sign up for Group Link here.

One Life at a Time,
Matthew Cavin