Dear Faith Family,

My first few days of college were some of the loneliest of my life. I had left the comforts of my home town, my home church, and my childhood friends to attend a large university. I remember sitting in my dorm room after about 2 nights wondering if I made a mistake. Maybe I should go back to what is comfortable. What I didn’t realize then, was that on the other side of this uncomfortable situation was a lot of opportunity for growth.

Thankfully, I forced myself to get out and engage some different campus organizations. I use the word “force”, because that’s really how it was. I didn’t want to do it, but I knew it was best, so I just forced myself into some situations that were uncomfortable – but eventually fruitful. God used the early days in college to establish some opportunities for community, growth, and service with other believers that was very shaping in my relationship with the Lord.

I share this example, because I believe some of you are in a similar situation in your time here at NRHC. There are some opportunities for community, growth, and service with other believers here at NRHC, but the difficulty of putting yourself out there is hindering you from connecting. My word for you today is ENGAGE. Now is the time. Lay your personal comfort to the side for a moment and put yourself out there. Join a D-group, sign up for our Connect class, sign up to serve on a Ministry Team. There are lots of possibilities for you to contribute to this faith family and grow in the process. Make it happen!

You can explore the opportunities I listed and more at our website: www.northrockhill.com. And don’t miss out for an opportunity to learn more about D-groups this Sunday at Group Link. This is a great first step in ENGAGING here at NRHC. You can sign up here.

One Life at a Time,