Dear Faith Family,

This week our staff was discussing that old maxim, change is hard. As we processed together, we realized that change itself isn’t always hard; it’s the transition required to get to that change that is often most challenging. Change can be a great thing and very exhilarating. There can be a lot of hope in change. Politicians live off messages like that! But transition is typically uncomfortable and difficult. There can be a lot of unknowns and a lack of clarity.

As a faith family, I think it’s okay to acknowledge that this season of transition has been hard. We have gotten a little weary on the journey. But all praise to our Lord; He has been gracious to us. He has continually strengthened us and is positioning us for what lies ahead. The beauty of where we stand now is that we are on the other side of the transition and have exciting new days to anticipate.

Tomorrow Chad Merrell is going to load up in his car and drive our way, beginning his ministry as Lead Pastor of North Rock Hill Church. He and I will be preaching through the book of Colossians over the next two months, studying the preeminent Jesus and how His greatness impacts all areas of our lives. We are excited to have Chad’s family in town on Sunday, March 11 th as they visit during their Spring Break.

Additionally, though we wished David and Katie Bennett farewell this past Sunday, our Student Ministry is still chugging along with great energy. We had an awesome D3 weekend and will begin a new series this Sunday evening titled The Lies We Believe. We are blessed with a great team of volunteer leaders who invest so much in our students. You can find an updated Student ministry calendar here so that you can be aware of all that’s going on with them. We are moving forward in our search for a new student pastor. A team of key leaders has already met to start the formulation of a candidate profile, which is the launching point of our search. We hope to begin initial interviews later this Spring and are praying that God will lead us to the candidate that He has for our faith family in His perfect timing.

Transitions are hard, but God is good. He faithfully continues to build His Church and grow us in to the image of His Son. So continue to engage with us as we pursue seeing our world changed by the gospel, one life a time. Love you NRHC!

One Life at a Time,