City Serve 2018

Dear Faith Family,

At times the local church can be known more for what they want FROM their community than what they are willing to do FOR their community. Unfortunately, our service to others can too often be connected to something that we want FROM people - church attendance, etc. We must step back and examine our own motivations as Christ followers. Do we really love our neighbors, or do we only seek to engage them only at Easter and Christmas as a box to check? Do we see them as image-bearers of Christ or as a project that will make us look good or feel better about ourselves? These are tough, but necessary, questions and motivations to wrestle through.

This is one of the main heartbeats behind City Serve. This is an opportunity for us to simply invest in our community, no strings attached. We don’t serve the city because we want something FROM them, but we do this because of what Christ has done FOR us.

We desire to serve out of an overflow of a relationship with Christ that gave us the riches of relationship with Him when we had nothing to offer Him. This is a tangible way for us to cultivate our community and display the gospel.

Make sure to prioritize this time on Saturday, March 24 th and sign up for a specific project. Teams from North Rock Hill are going to go be a blessing to our city by doing everything from playing bingo to construction projects to leading a worship service in senior center. You can help with landscaping at Lily Pad Haven, be part of a facility repair crew at the Palmetto Women’s Center, or assemble testing packets for the teachers and students of Belleview Elementary. View the entire project list here and sign up today.

You might be new at NRHC or perhaps you have been going here for 15 years. Either way, this is a great way for us to connect together as we serve the city. NRHC, this is an “all hands on deck” event as we go display the love of Christ all over our city. Let’s plan and pray together that God would use this day to let our city experience the love that Jesus has for them.

One Life at a Time,