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Leverage ALL of your life for the mission of God!

We leverage our lives and resources to make the gospel known every day, everywhere, in everything.

Below you'll find a variety of ideas and avenues to help you utilize every moment of your life - the unique moments, the mundane moments, and everything in between - to build God's Kingdom, to spread the good news of the gospel, to make much of Jesus.

Support Local Businesses


During this time of social distancing and quarantines, many of our community's business owners are experiencing greatly diminished sales.  How can you support them?  Why not buy a gift card from them?  You could save it for another time or give it away as an encouragement to someone else.

Wherever You Go


Chances are you are going fewer places than you did before. When you are out, look around you.  Show kindness to those around you; they may be fearful or overwhelmed or simply feeling exhausted.  They bear the image of God.  They need the hope of the gospel today!

Show Gratitude


Take the time to write thank you notes for first responders and medical personal.  When we stay in they continue to go out to serve others.  Look for ways to show your gratitude and encourage their efforts.




Ask God to show you how to invest your lunch hour one day this week. Is there a neighbor or coworker that He has put in your life?


We're not supposed to gather in groups, but perhaps they could use a delivered meal, some encouragement, or a listening ear. Use this time to get to know them. Listen to their story. Tell them your story — especially the part about Jesus.

Needles, Hooks,

and Yarn



Do you have some extra time on your hands now that activities have been postponed? Do you knit or crochet? If you do, here’s a great way to leverage your hobby to share God’s love with a new mom. The Palmetto Women’s Center is in need of gender neutral large crocheted or knitted blankets and gender neutral baby hats. They use these beautiful handmade items as a sweet reminder to their moms that they are loved and supported not only by those in the center but also by so many throughout the community. They give them to their moms when they have their ultrasound as well as in the layette baskets after the baby is born. They love being able to look through the different patterns/colors to choose their favorite and know that someone took time to make it just for them.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Have you been putting off getting to know who is in your neighborhood?  Now is that time!  Who on your street is alone? Who doesn't have or is cut off from their normal support network?  Who is feeling frigtened or overwhelmed?

Check in with them often. Encourage them with your words, your time, and your concern.  This is a perfect opportunity to show them they love of Jesus.

This Neighbor Card is a great tool to use.  You can download it HERE.  If you don't have a printer stop by the church office (the small ranch house behind the main building) anytime and pick up some from our resource table on the screened porch.