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Leverage ALL of your life for the mission of God!

Below you'll find a variety of ideas and avenues to help you utilize every moment of your life - the unique moments, the mundane moments, and everything in between - to build God's Kingdom, to spread the good news of the gospel, to make much of Jesus.


Reading Buddy


There are many students at Belleview Elementary School who need some extra individual time and attention to help develop their reading skills. Do you have 30 minutes a week? We know some elementary kids who would love for you to share it them! This is a wonderful opportunity to be salt and light in a life of a student. No special skills are needed; we’ll train you.


Women's Center


PWC is looking for dedicated volunteers to serve one or two days a week as a Resource Specialist. These individuals will work directly with our clients to present the gospel and connect them to community resources that meet their specific needs. If you are interested to serve in this role please visit their WEBSITE and complete a volunteer application. 


Elementary School


 There are moments in every teacher’s day when a bit of encouragement goes a long way, and we want to provide a way for the school administration to do just that. We’d like to keep them supplied with small gifts of appreciation to hand out whenever they see one of their staff needs a little lift. Next time you are at the store pick up a gift card for between $5 and $20 at: 

• Target or Walmart

• Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts

• QT 

• Dollar Tree or Dollar General

• Amazon 

• Rock Hill Bagel & Deli

• Hobby Lobby

• Or any place similar

You can place gift cards in the black boxes in the back of the auditorium.


Are You Ready for Some Football?


The season is upon us. How can you leverage it for the gospel? There is plenty of time between plays, during time outs, etc. to build relationships without having to miss any of the action on the field. Here are a few ideas:

  • High school game? Invite a coworker to come and share the experience with your family.
  • Tailgating? Pack extra sunscreen, water, etc and use that as a means to start a conversation with those around you. 
  • NFL at home? Put on a crock pot of queso and invite that neighbor you’ve been trying to get to know. 

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting...


All of us spend some portion of our day waiting – in the car line, in the doctor’s office, in the bank teller line. How do you use that time?  What if you leveraged it to show Christ’s love?  Here are some ideas for the next time you find yourself waiting:

  • Send a quick text to that neighbor who’s been on your mind.
  • Pray for that co-worker who seems especially stressed this week.
  • Be an encouragement to those around you – they are waiting too; they bear the image of God; they need the hope of the gospel today.



Yes, it’s October; the leaves are falling; and it’s still 90 outside! We can all get a bit grumpy about the situation. So let’s try something different. Drag back out the water sprinkler, set it up in the front yard, invite the neighbors, and find some cool relief. Your neighbors aren’t projects, but people who bear the image of God. Their lives have been broken by sin and they desperately need the hope of Jesus. And they’re probably weary of the heat too. 




Ask God to show you how to invest your lunch hour one day this week. Is there a neighbor or coworker that He has put in your life? Invite them to lunch. Get to know them. Listen to their story. Tell them your story — especially the part about Jesus.

Needles, Hooks,

and Yarn

Do you knit or crochet? If you do, here’s a great way to leverage your hobby to share God’s love with a new mom. The Palmetto Women’s Center is in need of gender neutral large crocheted or knitted blankets and gender neutral baby hats. They use these beautiful handmade items as a sweet reminder to their moms that they are loved and supported not only by those in the center but also by so many throughout the community. They give them to their moms when they have their ultrasound as well as in the layette baskets after the baby is born. They love being able to look through the different patterns/colors to choose their favorite and know that someone took time to make it just for them.


and Teachers


No matter where you are,  you are surrounded by teachers and students – in your neighborhood, at the store, in the seat next to you in church.  How will you show them the love of Christ?

  • Invite college students over for a home-cooked meal. Don’t know any? Ask one of the staff to connect you.
  • Take time to listen and talk to the kids in your neighborhood. They need to hear the hope of the gospel.
  • Pray for a teacher you know and send them a note of encouragement.  Don’t know any? Google our partner school, Belleview Elementary.  There you will find a list of the staff.  Pick one.