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Leverage ALL of your life for the mission of God!

Below you'll find a variety of ideas and avenues to help you utilize every moment of your life - the unique moments, the mundane moments, and everything in between - to build God's Kingdom, to spread the good news of the gospel, to make much of Jesus.


Reading Buddy


There are many students at Belleview Elementary School who need some extra individual time and attention to help develop their reading skills. Do you have 30 minutes a week? We know some elementary kids who would love for you to share it them! This is a wonderful opportunity to be salt and light in a life of a student. No special skills are needed; we’ll train you.

Belleview Elementary

Prayer Walk

August 18


Stop by anytime between 3:00 and 4:00pm. We’ll give you a map and prayer prompts and let you set your own pace. This is a great opportunity for the whole family to join in the greatest work of prayerful dependency!  If you are coming, please let us know. 


Women's Center

September 21


PWC is  holding their annual 5K Color Run. They are raising money to fund their mobile clinic. Volunteers are needed before, during, and after the event. And, of course, runners and walkers are encouraged as well. Simply give us your contact info here, and we’ll pass it along to their volunteer coordinator.



Play with



When you and the kids go to your favorite playground or pool, pack extras - extra cold water, extra snacks, extra bug spray, extra band-aids. Use your extras as a way to begin conversation with others there. People are amazing creations of God with thousands of interesting experiences. If you care about their stories, they may open up to you and want to hear your story - Christ’s story.

Walk with



Do you take a stroll around the neighborhood most evenings? What about walking your dog? This summer put aside your phone and headphones and look for opportunities to engage the people around you. Get to know them, listen to their story, tell them your story, especially the part about Jesus.


with Purpose


There are a ton of festivals and community events this time of year - Food Truck Fridays, parades, fireworks, etc. Before heading out, take time to pray and ask God to give you eyes to see those who need to hear the good news of the gospel. Pray that He would give you boldness to press through the awkward.

Sit with



When you are in a waiting room or at the park or anywhere for that matter, where do you sit? Do you look for a seat where you don’t have to interact with anyone? Instead of sitting as far away from others as possible, choose a seat near others. The people around you aren’t projects, but people who bear the image of God. Their lives have been broken by sin and they desperately need the hope of Jesus. Let these truths guide how you interact with them.